Acts 22:1-16

(Acts 22:1-16) – The power of story.

The truth is powerful. It's impossible to legitimately dispute. Ask someone who thinks they can fly to jump off their couch…(if they can't understand the point from that height, God help them….)

Truth doesn't take our faulty perceptions into consideration. It remains the same regardless of how we feel about it.

That's why a story is an interesting defense for Paul to give. He is accused of many things, and doesn't attempt to squelch them all directly.

He simply shares his story. It provides insight, context, understanding, and drives people to come to grips with their own perceptions.

Sharing your story is a great doorway to sharing the Gospel. "I'm a sinner, and God rescued me! Here's how He did that…"

And it lets people know that the same thing can happen to them. It's not just an idea anymore, there's a real person attached to it.

Share your story, see how God uses it to bring others to him. Your background and the context surrounding your present moment can quench doubts and lies someone may be believing about Christianity.

And maybe they'll see Jesus just like you.


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